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  • Farm Manager JoAnne Roden

    In 2014, I found myself faced with the decision to step up as the Manager of Farm Operations. Moving forward with it was one of the best decisions I could have made.

    I started out working part time for pick your own strawberries during the summer of 1988. My job was to weigh containers and sell berries out of the back of a converted box truck on an old frame that was pulled down to the field by the tractor! Each time the season started, we would hope to get another year out of that old thing

    I continued to work part time helping out with whatever needed to be done from taking care of the animals to cultivating the fields to delivering produce to many local stores. All this while still trying to figure out what direction I should go in life, and what to do for a real job.

    Looking back now, I really think this job found me and this became my new direction.

    In 1995 I became Assistant manager, and worked the past 19 years running the farm store and assisting with any other jobs necessary on the farm. During those years I made many personal connections with our regular customers and met many new ones that have just discovered the uniqueness of Brooksby!

    As manager, there's always work to be done whether it is farming, business calls, customer service, covering when staff "calls out", being the host/promoter and guide for our seasonal u-pick fruits and special events and always the never ending paperwork that we all can relate to.

    In closing, I love what I do. I don't think of it as a job, rather as part of my life. Spread the word by sharing this treasure with your friends!

  • Assistant Manager since 2014 Michelle Melanson

    Brooksby Farm has so much to offer and I am so honored to be part of a fantastic team of managers. After 10 years working part-time I am excited to be able to spend everyday year round surrounded by the beauty and wonder that make up this "Hidden Diamond" in the heart of the city where I was born and raised.

    My main focus is running the farm store. With my degree being in Education, I will also focus on bringing information on how the farm succeeds, animal and plant facts, activities for our youngsters and help create a "family feel" here. My background also comes in handy when supervising the younger part-time staff.

    As the seasons change, so do my responsibilities which keep my job fresh and exciting. Booking, planning and executing birthday parties, field trips and activities are included in my duties. Social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) are maintained by me and I enjoy all the comments, likes and pictures from all of you!

    Please stop by and say hello while shopping the farm store, visiting the animals or just taking a leisure stroll.

  • Assistant Manager King (Leo Peart)

    After working here as a Jamaican worker for 17 years, I am now assistant manager, mainly responsible for wholesale operations and crop productions. We all work as a team so I help out wherever I am needed.

    Farm work is hard and physically demanding work, but it is also truly fulfilling at the end of the day. It is rewarding to grow, harvest and pack fruits to be shared with others in our community through our own store, local grocery stores/markets and schools as well as supporting our local food bank with fresh produce.

  • Assistant Manager since 2009 Jason Girard

    You'll mostly find me outside in either the orchards or the gardens. My jobs differ as the seasons change. In the spring, I help prepare for new orchard plantings, get the gardens plowed and ready for planting, along with mowing the orchards. During the summer I oversee the field crew with picking the gardens and harvesting peaches. In the fall, it's mostly picking, packing and shipping our apples and produce to local markets and schools. The winter is a lot of maintenance and planning. I take care of tractor and vehicle overhaul, pruning the orchards, and planning for next years crops.

    I grew up on a farm, so I understand the hard work and long hours necessary to keep the farm operating. You always have to be ready for the unexpected and quickly able to adapt to the challenges of Mother Nature. Its hard work but, I love going to my job, everyday is different from the next day.